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In Africa, PP Global supports individuals, organizations, policies, and movements that bravely work to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights, with an emphasis on historically under-resourced communities.

Photo of a group of young people seated, some with computers, 
    others with notebooks writing. They are talking to each other.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to grow the locally led, globally connected movement for safe and legal abortion access, sexual and reproductive health and rights and to breaking down barriers to health access in some of the continents most under served areas.

Photo of a group of young people sitting at a table, 
        talking to each other, reading and writing.

Where and How
We Work

Planned Parenthood Global works with partner organizations in sub-Saharan African to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights in our partner’s countries.
Everywhere we work, Planned Parenthood Global partners with on the ground leaders, individuals and grass-root organizations to advance reproductive rights, spark and sustain progress at the leading edge of the SHR movement.

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            1-Uganda 2- Burkina Faso 3- Senegal 4 - Kenya

Sexual & Reproductive
Health and Rights
for the Planet’s Billion Young People.

We believe our movement is most effective when it is led by those most affected by the change we seek. That is why we created the Billi Now Now! movement. Launched in 2018 with a pilot program in Burkina Faso, this revolutionary youth-led initiative leverages technology and youth culture to engage a new generation of leaders into the sexual health and reproductive health rights wave.

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        A young man applauds, a young woman takes pictures.
         All are wearing masks.

Launching IDEA
Initiative in Africa

In Africa, IDEA Initiative will launch a 6-12 months pilot to build synergies from and among diverse ecosystems and connect them to co-create innovative solutions to meet challenges in sexual and reproductive health.
As well work with passionate individuals, dynamic organizations and companies, invest in disruptive ideas and support the creation of new ventures with social impact fueled by the power of technology and communications.
We will work in East Africa, Kenya and Uganda with a possible extension to engage actors from the entire East Africa Community - Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. And in West Africa, Senegal, Burkina Faso with a possible extension to engage actors from the Ouagadougou Partnership countries: Ivory Coast, Guinea, Togo, Mali, Benin, Niger, Mauritania, Ghana.

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             he is seated at a table shared with other young people next to him.
             He is wearing glasses.
              A backpack and a bottle of water are resting on the table.

The IDEA Initiative in Africa will catalyze innovation and the application of new approaches to create real catalytic solutions so that millions of young people and women in the region can make their own decisions about their bodies, lives and futures.

Our Goal

To explore disruptive ideas to find innovative solutions to address sexual reproductive health challenges in Africa.

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         She has a cheerful gesture.


  • Digital media
  • Communications
  • Technology
  • Sexual and reproductive rights
  • Social impact and entrepreneurship
  • Public relationships

For our pilot in Africa we are collaborating with Nailab to support local innovators and creators.

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