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The IDEA Awards are a regional call sponsored by the IDEA Initiative, Planned Parenthood Global’s social innovation lab, to support the creation of innovative solutions to the persistent challenges the Latin American region faces concerning health and reproductive rights.

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This year we will fund two awards of US$15.000 each to support two innovative ideas designed to guarantee that people in Latin America enjoy reproductive autonomy.

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Did you know...

There are more than 24 million women in Latin America with an unmet need for modern contraception? That number reaches 218 million globally! 😱

Guttmacher Institute, 2020

¿What are the health and reproductive rights challenges people in Latin America are facing ?

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    Limited access to comprehensive sex education.

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    Inconsistent availability to modern and effective contraceptives.

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    Obstacles to accessing legal and safe abortion.

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    Restrictive laws and public policies blocking reproductive rights and abortion.

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    Sociocultural patterns that perpetuate prejudices against the exercise of reproductive rights.

If you have an idea, apply to the IDEA Awards!, You can win:

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    A US$15,000 award to prototype your winning IDEA.

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    A trip to Lima, Peru, for one person, to present your pitch in front of a panel of experts at the 2023 IDEA Forum.

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    Automatic participation in the 2023 IDEA Forum.

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    Support from Planned Parenthood Global on the development of the prototype of your winning idea.

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    Visibility for the prototype and the winning team through IDEA Initiative’s platforms.

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    Networking with different actors in the innovation ecosystem for health and reproductive rights .

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Any person who has an innovative idea for any of the five challenges presented, lives in Latin America, and belongs to the ecosystems of technology, advertising, digital media and social entrepreneurship and impact investment can apply. It can be one person, a team, an organization (NGO, foundation, collective) or a company or startup. Check out projects we have supported

  • How can I apply?

    * This form is in Spanish because no matter where the person is born the IDEA needs to be applied in Latin America. Plus, the owner(s) of the IDEA must live, totally or partially, in Latin America and must have a high level of Spanish. ** All applications will be considered by the IDEA Initiative team and 6 IDEAS will be selected as finalists to participate in the IDEA Awards at the forum.

  • Deadline?

    Applications are due by October 11, 2023 at 11:59 pm, the latest!!!

  • Is there a pitch competition?

    Yes! All applications will be reviewed but only 6 will be selected as finalists to present a pitch in front of a panel of experts during the IDEA Forum in November in Lima, Peru.

  • When will the official award ceremony take place?

    During the closing ceremony at the IDEA Forum 2023, November 10th in Lima, Perú.

GUIDELINES for the IDEA Awards

If you have any questions, we invite you to read the IDEA Awards guidelines


Open call and communication
We will host a webinar concerning the IDEA Awards.
Reception of proposals Sept. 11 - Oct. 11 | MODALITY: VIRTUAL
We will only review proposals presented through the form.
Proposal review Sept. 11 - Oct. 16| MODALITY: VIRTUAL
All proposals submitted through the form will be reviewed by the IDEA Initiative. From all the applications, 6 will be selected as finalists and one person from each proposal will travel in November to Lima, Peru to present the pitch in front of the panel of experts.
Results Monday, Oct. 16th | MODALITY: E-MAIL
The 6 selected proposals will receive an email from the IDEA Initiative team. The chosen proposals have 2 days (48 hours) to accept or reject the invitation to the forum to make your pitch. After that time, if there is no response, another proposal will be invited as a finalist. All other applicants will also get an email informing them, they have not been selected this time.
Public announcement Wednesday Oct. 18th | MODALITY: Social Media
The IDEA Initiative team will announce via social media the 6 proposals that will participate in the IDEA Awards 2023
Pitch training TBD | MODALITY: VIRTUAL
The teams of the 6 selected proposals will receive a virtual training to present a pitch for social projects to potential donors and/or investors
IDEA Forum November 8, 9 & 10 in Lima, Perú | MODALITY: In person
The 6 finalists will participate in the IDEA Forum 2023
PITCH competition November 10 in Lima, Perú | MODALITY: In person
Pitch in front of the panel of experts
IDEA Awards ceremony November 10 in Lima, Perú | MODALITY: In person
The recipients of the two IDEA Prizes will be announced at the closing ceremony of the 2023 IDEA Forum in Lima, Peru.
2023 IDEA Awards Logo. In the center, there is a graphical representation of a person.