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The IDEA Awards

Provides seed capital of US $ 15,000 and specialized technical assistance for companies and organizations that have participated in the IDEA Start program, through a competitive process that selects the finalists and winners of each call for proposals.

¿Cuál es el desafío?

Competitive process

First stage
  • Fulfill the requirements of the IDEA Start Program and apply to the intensive training program.
  • Participate and take advantage of the specialized training in the creation of a business model and plan in a timely manner.
  • At the end of the training program, compete for 1 of the 6 places as Finalists, through a pitch session.
  • 3 finalists from South America and 3 finalists from Central America and Mexico will be eligible as Finalists and the selection will be reported out publicly.
Second stage
  • Prepare the Final Pitch session before a jury of expert personalities in the areas of creativity, innovation, social entrepreneurship and reproductive rights, who will determine the 3 winners of the IDEA Awards.
  • Each finalist will have 5 minutes to make their pitch. The pitch must be concrete, concise, creative and convincing and respond point by point to the specific selection criteria.
  • In general, the passion, talent, entrepreneurial spirit and creative and innovative mentality of the company / organization and of the people on the team, will be assessed in the search for solutions to the challenges for reproductive health and rights.
  • Specific selection criteria for winning projects (to be taken into account when preparing the Final Pitch).

What’s the problem?

  • Clearly identify which of the following barriers your company / organization will help overcome: The development of comprehensive sexuality education, the availability of modern and effective contraceptives, and access to legal and safe abortion.
  • Laws and public policies that are restrictive of these rights.
  • Sociocultural patterns that perpetuate prejudices against the exercise of reproductive rights.

What’s the solution?

  • How does your company / organization offer a direct solution to the problem of unwanted pregnancy and / or unsafe abortion in Latin America?
  • How many people are currently benefiting from the reproductive health and rights solutions your company / organization offers?
  • What is the experience of your company / organization and your team in this matter?

What is the innovation?

  • Why is your solution innovative, different from what has been done before?
  • How have you incorporated technology in the development of your solution?

What is your business model and plan?

  • How are the financial resources (business model) of your company / organization now generated?
  • What is the current situation of your company / organization and what is the projection for the next 3 years, both in annual budget and in number of clients / users?
  • Describe as well as possible, what are you going to use the US $ 15,000 from the IDEA Award and how will it help you in your business plan (impact on budget and clients)?
Third stage
  • The 3 winning projects must sign an agreement for the transfer of funds, after presenting the action plan, timeline, expected results and budget.
  • Each project has 9 months to use the funds in the proposed solution and another 3 months to measure the results.
  • At the end of 12 months, they must submit a final report showing the results and progress made in their business plan.
  • Throughout the period, each project must be available to receive technical assistance and questions from the IDEA Initiative, including interviews or articles for the website.
  • The IDEA Initiative logo must be visible on the communication media that each project uses for promotional purposes (web, social networks, etc.).
  • Each winning project will become part of the IDEA Community, made up of all the people, organizations and companies passionate about finding creative and innovative solutions to the challenges for reproductive health and rights in Latin America and that make up the social innovation ecosystem of the IDEA Initiative.

IDEA Award Winners 2019

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