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The IDEA Community

The IDEA Community is made up of people, organizations and companies who are passionate about finding creative and innovative solutions to the challenges limiting reproductive health and rights in Latin America and who make up the social innovation ecosystem of the IDEA Initiative.

Comunidad idea

Join the IDEA Community!

  • If you are passionate about creativity, technology, innovation, digital media or social impact entrepreneurship ...

  • If you want to contribute your talent to solve challenges that affect millions of people ...

  • If you are a person who imagines and creates the world they want to live in, instead of fighting the status quo ...

Here’s what you can do to be part of the IDEA Community:

  • Make a donation or invest in our programs.
  • Contribute your talent to support other people in the IDEA Community through mentoring and teamwork.
  • Contribute an article on innovation and reproductive rights.
  • Organize an IDEA Event.
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Who is part of the IDEA Community?