What is?

IDEA Inspire is a permanent open call for proposals that seeks to explore disruptive ideas, particularly those based on innovation and creativity, that find solutions to the challenges in health and reproductive rights in Latin America.

We are searching for inspiring ideas that need a hand to come to life.

¿Por qué la salud y derechos reproductivos en América Latina?

What solutions are we looking for ?

To achieve the expected impact, disruptive ideas must aim to overcome major barriers in three key areas:

  • The expansion of comprehensive sexuality education, availability of modern and effective contraceptives, and access to legal and safe abortion.
  • Restrictive laws and public policies.
  • Social norms that perpetuate prejudices against the exercise of reproductive rights

Are you a changemaker?

We know this isn’t a challenge for everyone. Only the boldest and most talented people, who seek to create a better world and not just fight against the current one, understand the issues we seek to solve and have the ability to come up with disruptive ideas and move them forward.

If this is you, we invite you to discover some of the ideas that we have already supported and fill out the form to share your disruptive idea with us. We will evaluate your idea according to some criteria and if we find that we can support it in any way, we will contact you to continue exploring its’ potential.

Disruptive projects supported

Tejiendo canto

Starting date: 2021

Who leads: Rebeca Lane

Country: Guatemala

Contact/Web: http://www.rebecalane.com/

Tejiendo canto is the name of the new musical project of the singer-songwriter and activist Rebeca Lane, an international artist with several albums that are played daily by tens of thousands of listeners on platforms such as Spotify, Youtube, Bandcamp and others. The creation of the album is in the conceptualization and pre-production phase. The 8-track album will take a sensitive look at fundamental issues we should all reflect on and transformation of the sociocultural learning that does not allow women to enjoy a full, informed life with access to basic human rights. The project is one of the winners of the IDEA Awards 2019.

Sello Púrpura

Starting date: 2020

Who leads: Publicitarias y Bridge The Gap

Country: Argentina

Contact/Web: http://www.publicitarias.org/

Sello Púrpura (Purple Stamp) is the first Latin American program for the certification of advertising agencies in a gender perspective. Having certified agencies that promote women’s and dissidents’ rights, including sexual and reproductive rights, is a widely desired goal for citizens, brands, organizations, and public institutions committed to current and future trends.

This program consists of a multi-step certification process, which is available through an online platform designed to address the current communication needs and lack of training in the advertising industry. It also includes theory and practical training in content creation. As each agency completes a step, it receives a badge that takes it closer to the final certification. The certified agencies become part of an open directory of gender perspective validated agencies available to the general public, and companies and organizations that look for communication providers with an essential added value.

Latfem LAB

Starting date: 2020

Who leads: Latfem

Country: Argentina

Contact/Web: http://www.lab.latfem.org/

LatFemLAB is the first online feminist journalism lab in Latin America, aimed at journalists and communicators and one of the winning projects of the IDEA 2019 Awards. It is a space for learning, training and innovation in digital narratives that through diverse techniques and resources, boosts the production of content with a feminist, intersectional and human rights perspective.

Latfem LAB has several online courses created by and for Spanish-speaking journalists and communication students who are looking for complementary training for their profession. During its first 5 months, the lab has already trained more than 2,500 journalists from 10 Latin American countries.

Festival Zarelia

Starting date: 2019

Who leads: Wambra, medio digital comunitario

Country: Ecuador

Contact/Web: http://www.festivalzarelia.com/

Festival Zarelia is the International Festival for journalism, digital media, gender and feminism, ignited by the Ecuadorian community media outlet WAMBRA in 2019. The Festival is a unique event that allows a wide range of participants to discuss feminist journalism, share diverse knowledge, dream up content and establish collaboration and alliances between journalists and digital media outlets. The two editions of Festival Zarelia held so far had more than 1,000 participants from 26 countries in Latin America and Europe.

Creadoras Camp

Starting date: 2019

Who leads: Creadoras Camp

Country: Colombia

Contact/Web: http://www.creadorascamp.org/

This pioneering, disruptive project aims at young Latin American digital content creators seeking to expand their audience and influence, but also have a positive attitude about women’s rights. Through the workshops, led by expert mentors and digital content creators from the region, young creators receive training on podcasts, Tik Tok, other social platforms, stand-up comedy and illustration, as well as tools for curating audiences, community building and professional sustainability. Thanks to Creadoras Camp tons of favorable messages about reproductive rights have reached hundreds of thousands of followers on social media.

Gafas para ver la realidad

Starting date: 2019

Who leads: La Incre

Country: Ecuador

Contact/Web: http://www.causas.laincre.com/gafas

Glasses to see reality was an ad campaign to promote public debate on the need to decriminalize abortion in cases of rape in Ecuador. A virtual reality video was created with acted out testimonies of women who were denied access to an abortion and who challenged society and, especially the members of the National Assembly, to find an effective and human rights based solution.

The campaign also allowed average citizens the possibility to interact with decision makers inviting them to see the video through different social media platforms. We found that virtual reality technology is a very innovative and powerful tool to sensitize and educate people on several issues and is still in a very early stage of development. Likewise, with this pioneering campaign, Ecuador was at the international forefront in the use of new technologies in social-related subjects. The campaign had a great impact in the national and international media and reached tens of thousands of people.

Sexo sin vergüenzas

Starting date: 2018

Who leads: Alharca

Country: El Salvador

Contact/Web: http://www.alharaca.sv/series/sexo-sinverguenzas

Sexo Sin Vergüenzas (Shameless Sex) is a transmedia project that combines journalism, technology, audiovisual materials and comedy to strengthen the exercise of sexual and reproductive rights through information and comprehensive sexuality education. The data collected through a journalistic investigation on early pregnancies in El Salvador was analyzed, and afterwards two tools were developed: a chatbot and several interactive maps that included a survey for users to assess the sexual and reproductive health services they received. A series of short, comic videos were also produced, along with a social media campaign and a Q&A with a sex expert. The project was one of the winners of the IDEA 2017 Awards and, thanks to the seed capital, the team members created and launched a new social impact entrepreneurship in the form of a digital communication outlet: ALHARACA.

Las Igualadas

Starting date: 2018

Who leads: Las Igualadas

Country: Colombia

Contact/Web: https://www.youtube.com/c/LasIgualadas

@LasIgualadas is a YouTube channel focused on editorializing Colombia’s events from a gender perspective and lots of satire and humor. This project was one of the winners of the IDEA 2017 Awards with the idea of broadening their audience in Latin America. They developed 6 video opinion columns to disseminate truthful information on how the disinformation campaigns of groups that oppose sexual and reproductive rights act. The series reached millions of views through the different social media platforms and drastically grew the number of followers of its channels, which confirmed the great interest in these issues and the enormous potential of social media to sensitize the new generations.

La Decisión de Sara

Starting date: 2018

Who leads: Estudios Monocromo

Country: Ecuador

Contact/Web: https://www.estudiomonocromo.com/

Sara´s Decision, one of the winners of the IDEA 2017 Awards, is the first interactive comic on sexual violence against girls. This project was born from the urgent need to inform the public about reproductive rights and the legal issues of sexual violence from a human viewpoint and the decisions people take in difficult moments. The interactive comics allowed the readers to put themselves in Sara’s shoes and help her navigate through difficult choices. Sara’s Decision reached 250,000 views during its first 3 months online.


Starting date: 2018

Who leads: SexAPP

Country: Guatemala

Contact/Web: https://www.lasexapp.com/

The SexApp is a mobile sex education game that, through trivia, a chatbot and interactive mini games, provides its users with science-based information that was adapted from approved sex education manuals. SexApp was the first game developed in Guatemala on this subject and was one of the winning projects of the IDEA 2017 Awards.

Ligue Político

Starting date: 2017

Who leads: Fáctico y Balance, A.C.

Country: México

Contact/Web: https://www.factico.com.mx/

Ligue Político is a civil tech app to inform the public decision makers viewpoints regarding sexual and reproductive rights. Ligue Político first appeared as a collaborative platform where, in addition to the profile and professional credentials of 2018’s electoral process candidates, citizens could find out their positions on gender equality issues such as equality in marriage, abortion, sexual rights, and gender-based violence, as well as their commitment to other topics such as transparency and accoontability. The platform evolved into a verified data deposit and a reliable and widely consulted source for people who wanted to vote with accurate information at hand. Ligue Político was one of the winning projects of the 2017 IDEA Awards.

Ser niña en América Latina

Starting date: 2018

Who leads: Ojo Público, Wambra, GK, Nómada, Confidencial, Vice, ManaguaFuriosa, Mutante

Country: Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, México, Nicaragua, Perú.


Ser Niña en América Latina (Being a Girl in Latin America) was the first special report produced in alliance with 7 digital media outlets from a 6 countries to shine a light on the sexual violence and forced motherhood that girls face, as well as show how these patterns cross borders and replicate themselves in each country context. Participant media outlets were Ojo Publico (Peru), Wambra y GK (Ecuador), Nomada (Guatemala), Confidencial (Nicaragua) y Vice (Mexico). In 2019 a second collaborative project to deepen the conversation around these issues came to life, along with other digital media outlets such as Mutante (Colombia) y Managua Furiosa (Nicaragua). Culminating with the presentation of four cases before the United Nations Human Rights Committee in March 2019 of four girls who were forced to be mothers several digital media outlets joined the coalition to launch a joint editorial demanding each States’ accountability for these cases. 34 digital media outlets made this publication possible.

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