What is?

IDEA Start is a periodic call for ideas aimed at discovering, incubating and accelerating organizations and social impact companies that want to strengthen their business models and business plans, to focus on the creation of disruptive and innovative solutions, products and services that impact the health and reproductive rights of millions of people.

What solutions are we looking for?

To achieve the expected impact, disruptive ideas must aim to overcome major barriers in three key areas:

  •  The expansion of comprehensive sexuality education, availability of modern, effective contraceptives, and access to legal and safe abortion.
  • Restrictive laws and public policies Social norms that perpetuate prejudices against the exercise of reproductive rights.

What sectors or industries can join?

  • Education and health

    We seek inclusive solutions from the education and health industries that promote comprehensive sexual information and education and improve the access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health counseling and services, especially those focused on expanding telemedicine.

  • Tech innovation

    Solutions from tech industries that integrate the ecosystems from the HealthTech, CivicTech, SexTech and FemTech sectors, and develop technologies such as big data, data mining, open data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, 3D, VR, IoT, APPs , wearables, video games, etc.

  • Creative platforms​

    Solutions from the creative and communications sector promoting advocacy and public policies as well as the transformation of social norms.

¿Por qué la salud y derechos reproductivos en América Latina?

What are the benefits of joining IDEA START?

  • Mentoring and business strengthening (sales, marketing, operational processes, finances and impact) by high-level experts in social innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Strengthening the business model and preparing for receiving investment.
  • Development of a contact network with other companies and organizations in the region to enhance your impact.
  • Visibility to make your company or organization known to potential investors or clients.
  • Specialized training in reproductive health and rights and the status of this expanding market.
  • You may earn USD$15,000 of seed capital through the IDEA Prizes.
¿Por qué la salud y derechos reproductivos en América Latina?

What are the requirements to participate?

  • The disruptive solution or business model must respond to the purpose of IDEA Start.
  • It is necessary to have a product or service that is already being validated in the market, either in an advanced ideation stage, first sales or scaling.
  • Your company or organization must have a team, and the person with the highest responsibility level must be fully available to join the program.
  • The company or organization must be based in a Latin American country.
  • If your solution is chosen, you must sign a commitment to complete your mentorship process.

IDEA Start was born in 2020 when IDEA Initiative joined hands with ALTERNA e IMPAQTO, both leaders in social impact investment in Latin America. The call was focused on two subregions, South America and Central America and Mexico, and each process was led by IMPAQTO and ALTERNA. When we opened the call in June, we received 88 submissions from companies and organizations, 29 of them were chosen to be a part of the program (13 from South America and 16 from Central America and Mexico).

In November 2020 the selection process of the 3 final ideas from South America took place through a Pitch competition. The 3 finalists from Central America and Mexico were chosen through the same process in February 2021.

These 6 finalists will compete in the Pitch final during the IDEA Forum in 2021. They will go in for one of the 3 IDEA Prizes, USD$15,000 of seed capital for each, before a jury of experts in the creativity, innovation, social entrepreneurship and reproductive rights areas.

Achievements IDEA Start 2020

  • 88

    Submissions received

  • 29

    Companies and organizations participating

  • 6


  • 3

    Winners of the IDEA Prizes

Finalists 2020
  • This pioneering, disruptive project was born in 2019 aimed at young Latin American digital content creators seeking to expand their audience and influence, but also have a positive attitude about women's rights.
  • Lunar APP is the first free app on female sexual health created in Argentina in 2016. Today it has more than 23,000 users in 93 countries.
  • POSTA is the largest podcast producer in Argentina with millions of followers in other countries. It is a new media outlet designed for curious and connected people who seek to be surprised.
  • Is an organization dedicated to offering inclusive sexual and reproductive health services in Guatemala since 2014. The organization offers a specialized clinic with routine gynecologic care; contraceptive methods for men and women; family planning services based on conscious and informed decision making, free from discrimination and prejudice, and a training program for Professional Midwives at the national level.
  • (“Let's Talk About Sex and Love”) is a franchise business model from the Love Matters organization.The organization operates a complete digital platform that has already reached more than 20 million visitors by combining a website and social networks to create a learning community with reliable, interactive spaces supported by the experience of a specialized team and experts on various subjects.
  • Nosotras Women Connecting (NWC) is a Costa Rican initiative that promotes leadership in girls, adolescents and women in Latin America. NWC has become a learning platform that seeks to inspire, connect, transform and tell the success stories of women, youth and girls who seek to set up and have impact. NWC has impacted 70k+ women during its summits and events; It has strengthened 130+ female entrepreneurs and has generated a community of more than 400 “brave ones” or users of this program.

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