GiGi Gutiérrez

Executive Director
Planta Agency


GiGi Gutierrez is an Argentinian executive advertiser focused on sustainable creativity, gender perspective, and triple impact businesses. She has gained recognition in her field for her ad hits and awards, such as the Effie, the Mercurio, and the Golden Pencil. After years of working for multinational corporations, she is now the head of Planta, a Miami-based digital nomad agency with an international reach. Planta’s goal is to build more conscious brands and consumers through sustainability, gender perspective, and positive impact. Planta is the first triple impact strategy and creativity digital nomad agency, member of ATI, B Multiplier, and B Corp in verification. 

Driven by her professional experience and a personal environmental conviction, as the Executive Director of Planta, she seeks to generate a positive impact in the world and in the industry by challenging the way in which we communicate.

She was chosen as Ambassador of for the US and coordinator of Latin America ambassadors, promoting advertising free of gender stereotypes and symbolic violence, encouraging more women and dissidents to reach leadership positions, and making their work visible to promote references that inspire new generations.

From Miami, she leads teams in Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, the United States and Spain, under a digital nomadic scheme that allows her and her team to discover and retain talents, as well as provide brands with services from anywhere in the world.

She is an expert in Marketing and Creative Branding, and has worked and works for international brands such as Planned Parenthood Global, Resem Group, Natura, Movistar, AMEX, Mercadolibre, Unilever, LG, Vaio, GA.MA, Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, and Baileys, among others.

She was a judge of the prestigious Effie Latam award, the Golden Pencil Awards, FePi Latam, and the Obrar Awards.

Focused on her purpose she continues to build more conscious brands and consumers.