Ibelisse Marín

Strategic Director
Agencia 121


Rather than an advertiser, Ibelisse describes herself as highly curious, intuitive, empathetic, and a bit of a geek.

She moved from Caracas to Lima 7 years ago. By that time she had 10 years of experience in multinational media agencies managing large brands such as PepsiCo, DIRECTV, Avon, General Motors, Diageo, Bayer, and Ford.

Her passion for the digital world led her to quickly lead this area from the planning approach in Peru.

She started working with BBVA and Entel as clients, later joined the bank’s Marketing team, and then returned to work with Entel as a creative planner in Tribeca for 3 years, where she added experience in sectors such as retail and insurance.

She currently teaches the Social Media course at Brother Escuela de Creativos and is Director of Strategy at 121, where she supervises the planning, social media, and analytics teams, working on projects for Grupo Scotiabank, Movistar Peru, and Cencosud.