Jezyka González

Strategic Alliances Coordinator


Environmental Engineer with a Master’s in project management from Universidad del Valle de Guatemala. Researcher and advisor with over 6 years of experience in environmental, education, innovation and entrepreneur projects design and implementation at local, regional level and with indigenous communities. Jezyka has worked as a project coordinator and consultant for different government, private and cooperation organizations such as CONAP, FFLA, FUNCAGUA, IUCN, UVG, USAID and MAR Fund.  


Founder of Environmental Group, a consulting startup with the vision of linking young-motivated experts and entrepreneurs to provide advice and support that allow new projects, organizations, and companies to  promote natural resources conservation and the concept of sustainable development.


Jezyka has experience in public policy, natural resources management and conservation, STEAM education, innovation and entrepreneurship. Currently Strategic Alliances Coordinator at Alterna, a regional social innovation platform that promotes the development of conscious entrepreneurs and social impact investment for a more sustainable region.


“I believe in the power of entrepreneurship and impact investment to build bridges and more aware societies and, to attack from other perspectives, the environmental and social problems of the region”