Marianny Sánchez

Director of Communications for Latin America

Planned Parenthood Global


Social communicator, migrant and feminist activist.

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Marianny is a Latina social communicator, migrant and feminist activist. She graduated in Journalism from the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), and has a Master’s degree in Gender, Identity and Citizenship from the University of Cádiz (Spain) and postgraduate studies in Cultural Studies.

In her country, Venezuela, she contributed to the promotion of access to abortion, educating about the WHO safe abortion protocol and providing information and support to people who needed guidance. Upon emigrating to Colombia, she joined the United Nations country office for gender equality – UN Women – to work on the eradication of violence against women, recognizing that both institutional and cultural obstacles to reproductive freedom are also a form of gender violence and control. After 5 years at the United Nations, she became Director of Communications for Latin America at Planned Parenthood Global, where she has led the regional campaign Son Niñas, No Madres, which seeks to show the epidemic of forced pregnancies among girl survivors of sexual violence. and co-leads IDEA Initiative Communications.


She has also been a columnist on sexual and reproductive health and rights and a university professor.