Being a girl in Latin America

We promoted a multi-country collaborative journalism initiative to expose forced motherhood in girls

2018 | Latin America | Digital Media | New Narratives | Abortion | SRHR | Various

Latin American countries
published the investigation


digital media participated
in its distribution


people participated
in the investigation


In Latin America, there is an alarming increase in childbirth among girls under the age of 14 as a result of sexual violence, primarily in impoverished and rural areas. Unfortunately, the States condemn these girls to forced motherhood, as they are not given the opportunity to decide whether or not to continue these pregnancies. LATAM is the only region in the world where this issue has escalated.


Being a Girl in Latin America was the first innovative experiment sponsored by IDEA Initiative. We created and collaborated with 8 digital media outlets: OJO PÚBLICO, WAMBRA and GK, NÓMADA, CONFIDENCIAL and MANAGUA FURIOSA, VICE and MUTANTE, who decided to be part of an investigative journalism initiative on sexual violence and forced motherhood among girls.

For the first time in history, as a result of this cross-country investigation, 35 digital media outlets from 14 Latin American countries published a joint editorial, denouncing the situation of girls in the region, titled “Paremos la tortura contra las niñas en América Latina”.

Special Report “The Invisible Girls of Ecuador”, carried out by Wambra as part of the “Being a Girl in Latin America” project.


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