Brief on abortion

We experimented with advertising festivals’ potential to combat abortion stigma

2021 | Latin America | Advertising | New campaigns | Abortion | Publicitarias
First time

an advertising festival launched
a contest about abortion


advertising campaigns to
destigmatize abortion presented


participants from 42 agencies
and advertising schools


The lack of access to legal and safe abortion in Latin America has serious negative consequences on the lives, health, freedom, and other rights of women and people capable of becoming pregnant. Even in countries where abortion is legal under certain circumstances, it remains restricted in practice due to biases, lack of knowledge, and negative socio-cultural patterns.


In collaboration with Publicitarias, a Latin American community of communications and advertising professionals who are changing the industry from within, we carried out an experiment at the largest creativity festival in the region, El Ojo de Iberoamérica. We launched a contest focused on developing creative and innovative campaigns against abortion stigma.

We organized a virtual workshop addressing the intersection between abortion and the advertising industry. Requirements and selection criteria for the best campaigns were defined, along with an emphasis to include a strategic component to reach the younger generation in Latin America. A jury composed of experts of the advertising industry selected 6 winners among 155 proposals in various categories.
The results proved that the experiment was a successful innovative idea to generate empathy and interest in an industry that traditionally has weaknesses in reflecting progressive values and negative gender stereotypes.


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