Creadoras Latam

We created the first agency who works with content creators about sexual and reproductive rights

2021 | América Latina | Publicidad | Nuevas narrativas| Aborto | DSDR | Agencia Creadoras

people reached with
correct SRHR information


content creators from
12 countries trained in SRHR


of the 1rst LATAM influencers
network in favor of SRHR


Millions of young girls get their sex ed information through social media. Millennials and Gen Z’s look up to and listen to influencers. The boom of digital content creators is an unprecedented phenomenon in the region, with millions of adolescents and youth trusting influencers like they were close friends. Content creators and influencers in platforms such as YouTube and Instagram are able to speak directly to young people, without the filters of authorities who usually keep a patriarchal status quo and are full of prejudices based on social class and race. Content producers for social media can choose to either replicate these prejudices or challenge them.Yet when they choose to challenge them, they encounter the same challenges and barriers to information as youth and adolescents. So how do we ensure they replicate feminist messages with quality information for their audiences? How can influencers and digital content creators become actors of change?


After the success of YouTubers Beach Camp powered by the IDEA Initiative in 2019, the Latin American network of influencers in favor of sexual and reproductive rights kept growing. That prompted us to scale up the project and convert it into a social enterprise with a dual objective: the creation of an agency to represent content creators, and the creation of a communications agency to provide services to organizations, focusing on the competitive advantage of having a network of influencers and opinion leaders. With regards to representation, the company looks to dignify the profession of digital creators by making this a professional job opportunity that allows them to have better life conditions and financial peace of mind. Being part of the Agencia Creadoras is to have the opportunity to connect with a wider professional network, making strategic alliances that offer them new job opportunities around the world.

In order to design the business model and the company plan, the social innovators behind this project participated in our IDEA Start program, receiving expert mentorship, financial support and technical assistance. Some examples of members of this Latin American network are: Grace Mendoza of Guatemala, a christian content creator dedicated to talking about sexual and reproductive rights information i, and feminism and religion to a very specific audience: young Guatemalan christians. Marbet Segovia, from Perú, had over a million views with a video she created about the human papillomavirus. In early 2020, Guatemalan Hescarleth Membreño, had a base of 1,500 followers on Tik Tok. Nine months after participating and implementing the strategies she learned in the IDEA Start program, she had more than a million followers.


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