Gender without ideology

We proved how a YouTube channel can fight misinformation about reproductive rights

2018 | Latin America | Digital Media | New narratives | Abortion | SRHR | Las Igualadas
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In Latin America, the exercise of health and reproductive rights is limited by numerous barriers. One of the most significant barriers is the presence of groups who oppose these rights and who develop and spread misinformation and carry out intimidation strategies - most of the time functioning covertly and anonymously.


Social media has become the main information source and discussion generator for millions of people, especially youth. We set out to prove its narrative power in order to expose the activities carried out by anti-rights groups.

From IDEA Initiative we collaborated with LAS IGUALADAS, the Colombian YouTube channel of El Espectador media, to create the series Gender Without Ideology, with 9 journalistic investigations that then transformed into video interviews and were uploaded to the YouTube channel and Facebook page. With millions of displays on these platforms, we were able to generate a conversation with more than 28,000 viewers and we became a national trend on Twitter, besides generating an impact in several national media, reaching mostly children and adolescent audiences. We can prove the narrative power of this journalistic format and the interest that this generates in audiences, as the YouTube channel of LAS IGUALADAS significantly increased their popularity as influencers. The investigators and youtubers received numerous invitations from schools, colleges, public institutions and journalism events, and carried out many interviews on national and international media, reaching a much larger population. On seeing the success of the youtuber format, numerous organizations reached Las Igualadas to develop new video series to cover topics such as feminism and sexual and reproductive rights, which contributed to the channel positioning and continued to increase the audience's interest in these topics.

This is one of the videos of #GenderWithoutIdeology series. You can visit the YouTube channel “Las Igualadas” to see the rest of the content.


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