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We created the 1st online feminist journalism laboratory in Latin America and the Caribbean

2020 | Latin America | Digital Media | New Narratives | Abortion | Latfem

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The success of the first Zarelia Festival demonstrated the interest and need to strengthen journalistic practices through the incorporation of narratives with feminist approaches, which in turn can generate a transformation in Latin American public opinion in order to support reproductive rights. Currently, journalism training does not include a gender and feminist approach despite the high demand by young journalists who want to receive such training.


At IDEA Initiative, in partnership with the native digital media LATFEM, we created the first online laboratory of feminist journalism in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Latfem LAB,intended for journalists and communicators, is a training camp, virtual education, and innovation in new digital narratives. It equips content production and products in journalism with techniques and resources that have a feminist, cross-sectional and human rights perspective. The platform has several online asynchronized workshops specifically designed for Spanish-speaking journalists and communication students who want to complement their professional training. Our first workshop was “Let’s speak about abortion: feminist journalism for the right to choose”.

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