Lunar APP

We developed the first LATAM menstrual cycle app with a gender perspective and focus on sexual and reproductive rights

2021 | Latin America | Social Entrepreneurship | New Services | Abortion | Comprehensive Sex Education | SRHR | Lunar APP

people reached on menstrual
health and abortion info


increase in number of users
after IDEA Initiative support


free, feminist
and self-managed


For thousands of girls, adolescents, women, transgender and non-binary people in Latin America, menstruation carries a lot of shame and stigma. The lack of information about their own bodies and unawareness of their menstruations limit their ability to lead a healthy life, prevent unwanted pregnancies, and ultimately close the gender gap.


The Lunar APP is the first Latin American menstrual cycle app developed by latin american women with a gender perspective and focus on SRHR. Lunar APP makes a difference in the FemTech industry because it is free, feminist, self-managed and incorporates the focus on sexual and reproductive rights, including comprehensive sex education, access to contraceptives and information about safe abortion.

In the context of our IDEA Start program, IDEA Initiative made an alliance with the founders of the app in Argentina to strengthen their business plan and scale up the app across the region, strengthen its technological development and the creation of a new online community. Precisely for this community, they created a service called “terminate a pregnancy” through which you can access information and resources about safe abortion services in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.


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