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We created the electoral Tinder about sexual and reproductive rights

2018 | Latin America | México | Tech | New campaigns | Abortion | SRHR | Balance AC

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The exercise of reproductive rights is often hindered by restrictive laws which are promoted or maintained by political decision makers. Most of the time citizens vote not even knowing their position on these topics.


We collaborated with our partners BALANCE A.C. y FÁCTICO to experiment with a strategic use of open data technology.

Political Dating was a collaborative platform that was used to offer information about candidates in the 2018 election in México. In addition to their profiles, people could access their positions and legislative votes in crucial topics such as equal marriage, abortion, sexual rights and violence against women. The evolution of the platform into a repository of verified data, allowed it to be a reliable source and widely consulted by young people to go to the voting polls with information.

Tutorial video about Political Dating.


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