Youtubers Beach Camp

We created a reproductive and sexual rights training camp for young content creators

2019 | Latin America | Digital Media | New Narratives | Abortion | SRHR | Creadoras Latam
23 content creators

12 countries

1st network

of Latin American
committed influencers

+5,9 Millions

of people watched generated
content about SRHR


Social media has become the main source of information and entertainment for millions of teenagers and young adults. The influencer phenomenon has given certain people a privileged position to broadcast ideas and opinions about all matters, even those relating to health and reproductive rights. In the majority of cases, these ideas are based on misinformation and prejudice.


Catalina Ruiz-Navarro, colombian influencer, alongside VIEJAS collective and MANAGUA FURIOSA, digital media, sought support from the IDEA Initiative to develop and experiment: Promote a Latin American Network of influencers in favor of reproductive and sexual rights. And thus, YouTubers Beach Camp was born.

The first phase consisted in a beach camp for influencers with big audiences (followers), training them in the current situation of reproductive and sexual rights so they can later on apply what they had learned in their content. The second phase consisted in workshops by a network of expert mentors and pioneers in digital content creation in the region. The young women received training in different formats such as Podcast, Tik Tok, other social platforms, stand up comedy, community creation and professional sustainability. The content creators developed content about reproductive and sexual rights and together they reached 5,919,390 people. After the success of the initial pilots, the program continues with new editions and expanding the network of content creators. The pioneers of the experiment were able to leap forward and sustain their business, which allowed them to start a new company of social impact, Agencia Creadoras Latam, which sees itself in the intersection of advertising and digital media industries.

Recap video of the first YouTuber Beach Camp that took place in Colombia in February 2019.


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