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We are hiring!

We opened a position for a Social Innovation Consultant for the IDEA Initiative, Planned Parenthood’s Global laboratory of social innovation for reproductive rights. 



1.- Background

The mission of Planned Parenthood Global (PP Global) is to strengthen a locally led and globally connected movement that defends access to safe and legal abortion, and sexual and reproductive health and rights. To do this, PP Global facilitates relationships based on trust and invests in the courage and resilience of individuals and organizations that are at the forefront of change pushing the leading edge of the movement.

Innovation is critical for organizations that recognize that new solutions are necessary to face the enormous scale of today’s global challenges, who want to increase the effectiveness and impact of their actions for the population they serve, and who want to differentiate themselves from other organizations in an increasingly competitive environment for funding, and who seek to remain relevant and connected to the future in a rapidly changing international context, where technological advances offer new challenges and opportunities for existing problems. 

Over more than 50 years, PP Global has developed and promoted innovative ideas that have challenged the status quo and contributed to systemic change and will continue to do so in the future, thereby accelerating progress towards ambitious goals in all areas of the organization, ranging from finding new ways to guarantee the right to abortion and sexual and reproductive health care, achieving greater public support for abortion and youth services, as well as achieving progressive political change, including the implementation of said changes to protect the right to abortion, the rights of young people, and all sexual and reproductive rights.

Taking into account the experience and knowledge accumulated throughout these years, both by the organization, as well as by our counterparts and allies in the global DSDR movement, PP Global wants to incorporate a consultant with passion, knowledge and experience in ​​social innovation in the international cooperation sector into the IDEA Initiative

2.- Description of responsibilities

General objective:

Based on the mission and objectives of PP Global, the consultant will facilitate the development, implementation, visibility and long-term viability of the IDEA Initiative, the laboratory of social innovation for reproductive rights.

Specific objectives:

  1. Contribute to the development and implementation of a strategic plan for the IDEA Initiative at a global level (Africa and America Latin), incorporating approaches from social innovation, civic technology, user-centered design and the development of innovation communities for health and reproductive rights.
  2. Increase the capacity of PP Global staff, our partners and allies regarding concepts and methodologies of social innovation for NGOs and to facilitate learning and adoption of innovative approaches in the culture and work of organizations. 
  3. Contribute to the design and implementation of inspirational, learning and networking events, as well as collaborative challenges to generate creative and innovative ideas to find solutions that facilitate the advancement of abortion rights and reproductive rights. 
  4. Establish contacts and alliances with key actors and spaces in the world of social innovation, international development and the global movement for sexual and reproductive rights, in order to elevate and position PP Global, including the creation of trainings, tools, documentation, presentations and publications.


  • Support the coordination of an inspiration, learning and networking event on Social Innovation and abortion focused on Africa, which must be carried out before July 2022, that establishs a baseline of actors, projects, opportunities and challenges with the intention of expanding the IDEA Initiative into Africa.
  • Taking into account the current objectives and results of the IDEA Initiative, draft a proposal for a Strategic Plan for the IDEA Initiative as a laboratory of social innovation for reproductive rights at a global level, incorporating approaches from social innovation, civic technology, user centered design and development of innovation communities for reproductive health and rights in Latin America and Africa. 
  • Preparation of a document that summarizes the state of the social innovation ecosystem for international development, with an emphasis on sexual and reproductive rights that includes key actors, approaches, spaces and opportunities in which to make the impact of the IDEA Initiative visible.
  • Communication and coordination activities: Maintain regular communications with the IDEA team by email, telephone or videoconference; actively participate in virtual meetings and those that are necessary to achieve the objectives; write and present reports on meetings with contacts that are established during the development of the consultancy; and collaborate with the team to identify opportunities for new projects as well as support the design and implementation.    
  • As requested, produce reports, articles, publications and presentations on the IDEA Initiative and other success stories for global audiences with the purpose of scaling the experience with the support of new donors and partners.
  • Periodically, disseminate information on innovation, technology and social entrepreneurship in the field of health and reproductive rights for the PP Global team and our stakeholders through email or virtual meetings.

3.- Coordination and supervision

  • The consultant will join the IDEA Initiative team, attending periodic meetings and should be available for calls, emails and communications as necessary.
  • Consultant will report to the Director of the IDEA Initiative.

4.- Requested profile

  • Excellent communication skills in both Spanish and English, written and spoken. In addition, candidates with some knowledge of French will receive preference. 
  • Demonstrated experience in organizing innovation laboratories (social, public, citizen, etc.), innovation challenges, community development and the application of user-centered design methodologies.
  • Experience in design, management and evaluation of social innovation strategies and projects in the NGO sector and international cooperation, and helpful if in the areas of feminism, gender equality, sexual and reproductive rights or human rights.
  • Professional experience working with NGOs or international development agencies. Candidates with experience in Latin America and Africa prefered.
  • Extensive knowledge and network of contacts in the global ecosystem of social innovation.
  • Experience in the design of participatory methodologies for the development of creativity and innovation.
  • Knowledge and commitment to issues of sexual and reproductive health and rights, specifically the right to abortion, is an essential requirement.
  • Ability to create publications and make public presentations at international conferences and meetings in English or Spanish.

5.- Duration, fees and conditions

  • 6 months, from the signing of the contract. The contract can be renewed depending on the budgetary possibilities and the performance demonstrated in the achievement of the objectives.
  • Candidates must be available immediately to start in January 2022.
  • The consultancy will be carried out mainly via teleworking.
  • Because the scope of work is carried out in a wide variety of time zones, the consultant should be willing to work flexible hours, but not more than 40 hours a week.
  • Consultant will be paid US $ 30,000, which will be divided up over the 6 month period and delivered each month upon presentation of an invoice and a report showing compliance with activities.
  • All of the expenses for general services and technological tools necessary for the execution of the consultancy is already included in the total fees.

6.- Presentation of applications

Interested candidates should send their letter of interest and curriculum vitae via email to by January 3, 2022.  Selected persons will be contacted to take a writing test in English and Spanish and an interview via videoconference.